Hi. I started this blog in June of 2015 because I thought it would be something fun to do over the summer but it turned out to be so much more. I love using this blog as a way to get my thoughts and opinions out into the world. Writing, published or not, has developed into quite a frequent stress reliever for me. I’ve always had a passion for writing but now I also love that I could possibly reach others with my work and ideas. One thing I hope is that you enjoy my posts almost as much as I enjoy creating them.

A few simple facts about me

  • I love spending time with other people. I like to think that most of my best moments in life are shared with my friends.
  • My favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. From the first time I watched it, I fell in love with the characters, especially Holly. She’s so simple yet complex with such a sweet, flirty personality.
  • I love to read. Since obviously life isn’t always the perfect fairy tale, it has always fixated me to bury myself in fictional ones. My taste mostly revolves around sometimes cliché or cheesy romance novels or teenage coming of age books. This pretty much carries over into my  taste in movies as well.
  • My favorite quality to search for in a person is the ability to hold a good conversation. I love talking for hours on end about everything from deep topics to a persons favorite foods.
  • I love meeting new people. I’ve always sorta been that kid who went out of her way to make new friends. I strongly believe that people are our most valuable resource.
  • I’m always trying to be up to doing new things.
  • I try my best to not judge people on their past and give everyone a chance. I’m a firm believer that it’s possible for people to change for both the good and bad. So, you can’t always assume things about someone based on their previous mistakes.
  • I believe in god and his unconditional love for us.
  • I think that life never stops being a learning experience. Everything you do, everyday can teach you something new and important that you may need in the future.
  • Lately, I’ve developed an obsession with One Tree Hill, Harry Potter and Gossip Girl.
  • I love photography and the thought of capturing the moments I will want to remember forever.
  • I never get tired of watching new movies but it has to be pretty special for me to watch the whole thing twice.
  • I will always and forever be completely and utterly obsessed with travelling and immersing myself in a new location.