First of all, please remember that your illness does not define you. You are you and not your illness. Do not let others just throw you under some category of crazy or messed up, because you’re not crazy or messed up. Even if you might be kind of messy right now it doesn’t mean things can’t change and  get better. You are amazing, intelligent, brave and unique. You are you and that in itself is incredible.

Don’t avoid or put off what your feeling. Some people are going to try and help and say things like “just be a little more positive…” or “you don’t have any reason not to be happy”. Even though they may mean well it doesn’t mean that your sadness is going to be cured with an ice cream sundae and a single happy moment, just like their’s was. Different things work for different people.

Don’t feel like a coward for wanting help. Having the courage to face the feelings and ask for help is so brave. Taking medications or going to a counselor doesn’t make you weak. Being able to face this head on and try to change is what makes you strong.

You have to want the change. Don’t bury yourself so deeply that you can’t see a way out and maybe don’t even want to. Optimism is important because you never know what coud be in store for you next around the corner. You are worth so much, let others see it and let yourself shine.

Surround yourself with positives and eliminate the toxins. People who continuously put you down are okay to walk away from. Close those doors and open new ones with people who make you happy and truly want the best for you. You are worthy of love and compassion. Do not make yourself settle for mediocre, when you deserve the world. So don’t be afraid to let people in, but chose wisely. Allies are your greatest resource.

Don’t let the illness consume you. Continue to do what you love and quit things that make you unhappy. Watch your favorite movie. Catch up with an old friend. Stuff yourself with your favorite foods. Laugh until your stomach aches, those seem to be the best ones. Do what brings you the most joy.

There isn’t anything wrong with feeling like this. Being different isn’t always a bad thing. This doesn’t mean you’re evil, or violent, or part of some other stereotype. Being different is what makes you  special… and who would wanna be just like everyone else anyway? People who think can differently are the ones who change the world.

Discover outlets and utilize them. Don’t forget that the mind that conjures up some of those dark clouds that seem to swallow you up can also create amazing things. Find something that works for you and drown yourself in it. Music, friendships, art, athletics, it can be different for everyone.

Finally, you are a beautiful, amazing and one of a kind person. Currently there are 7.125 billion other people on this earth and about 353,000 more added each day, each one is special but none of them are you. Not one person in the whole entire universe who is exactly like you. This means you are irreplaceable. Never tell yourself or let anyone else tell you differently.

You are not alone, I promise.

Love always.