Ever since I was little, I was that girl who was in love with travel and trying new things. Anything from my first plane ride to a simple road trip made me ecstatic. I think it was always just the idea of something new and exciting that fascinated me. If you know me well then you probably know I get bored with things pretty easily and am always craving something new and maybe even crazy to switch it up. I’ve never been fully satisfied with a dull routine of life how it is. Everyday going to school the home then school and back again over and over starts to seem a bit melancholy. I never understood how anyone could be fully satisfied with it. That’s probably why I always longed for something exciting, fun and maybe unpredictable, but I’ve realized I’m probably going to have to wait for that. Right now I’m in my small, little hometown with things like they’ve always been and there’s not much to do about that, and although there’s always vacations and trips I’ll always come back here. So, yes I know New Year’s resolutions can be tacky but I kind of thought I needed it. To make the most of everything I have right now. No matter where you are you should be able to make your life exciting. You don’t need to travel far to try new things or meet new people. It’s not always about the things you can’t do but more about what you do with the opportunities you are given. All these years I was doing it all wrong, sitting back and waiting for the adventures to come to me and wondering why they never did, when actually I should have been reaching out and finding them myself. Also, it always kind of worried me that I wouldn’t be accepted if I were to do what truly made me happy, but the truth is the only person you should be trying to please is yourself. So, write your own story. Even though it might not be perfect yet, that’s what the rest of your life is for. If you do everything now you’ll be even more bored afterward anyways. Take chances and give them in return. Great things can sometimes be found in the oddest places you just have to put yourself out their a bit and look.