Oh look it’s that time of the year again, exam week. Yes, I know that most peoples exams have already begun but if your anything like me (Unofficial Queen of Procrastination) your mind is on anything but studying and you’ve still got quite a lot left to do. Come on! Christmas is next week and what’s more interesting… Logarithms and MLA format or cookies and Santa. Pretty sure that’s kinda obvious. So, even though studying might not be your first choice in “fun” activities it’s kind of important and essential if you want to ya know, pass?

Sometimes skimming through notes and examples just doesn’t cut it for everyone, well not me at least.  I’m a pretty firm believer in the power of a good old fashioned flash card. Although these days if your in the mood a more tech savvy approach, then quizlet can be your new BFF. In addition, you’ve got programs like Wolfram Alpha, Photo Math, Khan Academy, and Spark Notes for some actual subject help.

So, you know all those review sheets the teachers always hand out a bit before the exam for you to do but usually just end up blank or in the trash? Then the minutes after the exam you come to the realization of how helpful it would have been to not slack off and actually do the work? Yeah. Now you’ve learned you’re lesson. Just do them this time and save yourself some grief.

Finally don’t drown yourself in your studies. Spread out the work and don’t be afraid to take a little study break from time to time to reward yourself. Overloading and cramming at the last minute is